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Writer's Block: Doh!

It's the twentieth anniversary of the first Simpsons episode today. Who is your favorite Simpsons character—Ralph? Sideshow Bob? Ned Flanders? An actual Simpson?
Lisa is definitely my favorite character from the actual Simpsons, and Apu from the others.

What to do?

I had planned a completely different real first post, but real life has caught up with me, strange things are happening around us and i want to speak of them.

In Athens,Greece, on Saturday night a 15 year old boy was killed in cold blood by a policeman. Every eyewitness account agrees: A police car passed a group of 15-20 young people who shouted insults at them. They went on driving, parked further down the road next to a big group of policemen and, without notifying anybody, returned on foot to the group and started taunting them. The kids responded (only verbally) and then one of the policemen pulled out his gun, shot twice directly at the group and left. The boy was hit close to the heart and died shortly afterward (he was already dead when the ambulance the others called arrived).
The policemen (and only they) claim that they were attacked and they were defending themselves, so the one who pulled the gun, shot twice in the air and once towards the ground, and it was this bullet that ricocheted and found the boy in the chest. They also do not accept that they abandoned the fallen boy. I suppose that after the autopsy we will know for sure how he was shot, but the policemen's story doesn't sound convincing to anyone and the one who shot is accused of intentional murder, while the other one will be prosecuted as an associate.  Also, the minister of internal affairs handed his resignation, but the prime minister did not accept it.

There are some really confusing questions:
1. Even if the policemen's story is true (and I really doubt that), why did they abandon the car and return on foot, on their own, when they could have asked for assistance, if they intended to arrest or confront the group?

2. Again, even if they were physically attacked, isn't pulling out a gun the last possible refuge?

3. What kind of psychopath shoots someone in cold blood, in a place full of eye-witnesses? (There was a cafeteria nearby and it was Saturday night?). What kind of people are allowed to carry guns in this country?

Anyway, the story doesn't end here. After the murder became known there were major demonstrations and riots in many Greek cities, to some of which i was an eye-witness.  I really wonder if this is the most useful way of responding, since many innocent people might be harmed, but i really do understand this immediate and collective expression of rage. This is not an isolated event, this is the straw that broke the camel's back. For many years now the Greek police has been violent and unchecked: beating and severely injuring protesting university students, using dangerous chemicals in order to break up demonstrations, torturing and humiliating immigrants are all very common practices. And after all this, the murder of a minor, something that hasn't happened since 1985.  And I really don't know what can be done...

I don't know if anyone will read this, but if you do, i will be more than happy to answer questions and provide more information.

I don't know how to upload pictures, but you can find some relevant ones here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/in_pictures/7770189.stm


Nov. 25th, 2008

Have you ever noticed how, when you could write anything, you end up writing nothing?



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